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About Us

The First Methodist Church has celebrated its 130th anniversary. Located at 88 Circle Drive in historic DeFuniak Springs, Florida. We are a member congregation of Global Methodist Church.

our core values

We believe in the Triune God, in the Holy Scriptures that present Him, and in the Church which is His highest creation. We also believe God's Purposes are His revealed way of glorifying Himself and of fulfilling our lives now and eternally.

We deeply value all people in our church, community & world including individuals and families of all ages and capacities. We celebrate God's love in our hearts in its various expressions of mutual respect, warmth, grace, authenticity, relevance, humility, concern, passion, excellence, and determination.

We deeply value processes that apply God's purposes to people for His glory and for their good.2 We greatly appreciate spaces, places and environments that facilitate such processes.

Finally, we deeply value our Wesleyan/ Methodist perspective, heritage and connection.

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